How do I send a good first message?

Sending a message is a great way to get to know someone on Zoosk. To make a great first impression, take some time to craft your hello.

When sending a first message to someone, consider these tips:

Read his or her profile first
Before you message someone check out his or her profile to learn some interesting things you can use to start a conversation. Ask people about their interests and hobbies, where they went to college, or about something in their story. It shows you’re already interested and that you want to learn more.

Tell someone why you’re interested
Is there something specific that drew you to this person? Let him or her know what it was! Was it a beautiful smile, a favorite book, or a funny description that interested you? Being genuine and open about what you’re into can help you get a good response.

Always double-check for spelling errors
It’s a good idea to read your message before pressing send to make sure you didn’t accidentally include a typo. Common spelling and grammar mistakes like “teh” or “dont” can ruin a great first message and make someone think you’re not serious.

For more online dating tips and helpful advice, check out the Zoosk Blog and The Date Mix.

If you have additional questions or still need help, you can contact Zoosk Customer Support for assistance. 

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