How do I deactivate my profile (iTunes subscribers)?

Deactivating your profile if you are an iTunes subscriber takes a few steps:

1) First, you will need to turn off the automatic renewal for your Zoosk subscription in the App Store or on your computer through your iTunes account

2) Once automatic renewal is turned off, your subscription term must expire before we can deactivate your account. Unfortunately, we cannot update your subscription expiration date immediately in the Account Settings for your Zoosk account because we need confirmation from Apple, which can sometimes take awhile. However, you can look at your Account Settings for an indication of when your subscription is set to expire.

3) Go to Account Settings, then Subscription, and you will see your subscription renewal/expiration date. Please note that after you turn off automatic renewal, the Zoosk iOS app will not reflect the cancellation until the Subscription expires. As long as your iTunes settings state that your Subscription is canceled, it will not renew.

4) Once you know your renewal/expiration date, please log back into your Zoosk account on that date and you will be able to successfully deactivate your account by going to Account Settings, and then Account, then clicking Edit next to Account Status. Follow the steps from there to deactivate your account.

**Some customers do have the ability to "Pause" their account. To see if you have this feature, follow these steps:

1) Log into your Zoosk account

2) Go to your Account Settings, click Account from the menu

3) Next to 'Account Status,' click 'Edit'

4) You will see your account options there -- you may see both Pause Account and Deactivate Account as options, or if you only have deactivation available, that will be the only option listed

If you do see the option to Pause your account, here is what will happen if you choose to Pause:

  • You will keep your connections and messages
  • You won't be able to use Zoosk (ie. search, wink, message, etc)
  • You won't be shown to other Zoosk members in Smartpick, Search, Carousel, Online Now, Connections, Views
  • If you're a subscriber, your subscription will remain active
  • You won't be able to receive messages from other Zoosk members
  • Won't receive any emails or notifications from Zoosk or other Zoosk members. You will only receive the following emails:
    • Pausing and Reactivation confirmation emails
    • Emails related to subscription renewals


If you still need help, you can contact Zoosk Customer Support for assistance.

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